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Brunch For Beginners

When it is too late for breakfast but not quite time for lunch, a versatile meal can fit the bill: brunch. There are various stories regarding the potential origins of this late-morning meal. The word “brunch” appeared in 1895 in Hunter’s Weekly when British author Guy Beringer indicated that post-church Sunday meals shouldn’t be heavy. Beringer said such meals should be served late in the morning and consist of lighter fare, or a blend of breakfast and lunch. Some historians suggest brunch might have originated from pre-hunt meals that were common in England, while others feel hunters in the southern United States might deserve the credit.

Regardless of when brunch first came on the scene, it remains a popular way to socialize with friends and family. Beginners can utilize this guide to brunch to get the most out of this popular weekend tradition.

Decide on the scope of brunch
Brunches can be intimate occasions with just a few people or large affairs with a dozen guests or more. Organizers can decide if brunch should include children or be an adults-only affair. Make this decision before booking a reservation.

Create a theme and color scheme
If the brunch is tied into a specific event, such as an upcoming wedding, retirement or birthday, let the restaurant know in advance and they may offer certain decorative elements free or for a small fee.

Pick a spot with a versatile menu
Brunch blends a series of breakfast and lunch foods together. When shopping around for a place to enjoy brunch, be sure to check if each establishment has a special weekend brunch menu. Many restaurants now have such menus, which is a testament to the popularity of brunch. A mix of breakfast and lunch foods is ideal, as some people may be looking for some eggs and toast while others may prefer a sandwich.

Be mindful of allergies
One way to ensure everyone feels comfortable is to pick a restaurant that can accommodate food allergies and gluten-free diets. Menus on restaurant websites may include such information, but confirm when booking the reservation just to be safe.

Time it right
Brunch traditionally is a weekend event, so it is best to host one on Saturday or Sunday rather than a weekday. Times vary on when brunch begins, but most restaurants offer their brunch menu between 11 a.m. and 2 or 3 p.m. The later start time enables people to sleep in a bit on the weekend or attend to chores or church services.

Brunch is wildly popular and presents a great way to enjoy a taste of something different at your favorite local restaurants.

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