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Bethpage High School Students Recognized By Nassau County With Students Build Bridges Awards

Pictured: School social worker Sarah Glassman, students Devaanshi Kawatra, Lily Kovac, Emma Krittman, Abigail O’Hara, Zachary Fradella and Assistant Principal Charlotte Hirsch-Beckman

Five Bethpage High School students with a dedication to community service and kindness have been recognized by Nassau County with the Students Build Bridges Award. Presented during a Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration at Adelphi University, students received their awards after hearing from Holocaust survivor Leo S. Ullman.

Students Zachary Fradella, Devaanshi Kawatra, Lily Kovac, Emma Krittman and Abigail O’Hara were each nominated by BHS social worker Sarah Glassman, who described them as “a good showcase of giving back and community service. These are cream of the crop kids who are doing good and spreading kindness.”

“They really have done an outstanding job of bridging gaps within the community and within the school building,” she said.

Zachary, co-president of the Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club, had led several initiatives to raise awareness for mental health concerns. His nomination stated “his dedication extends to mentoring students with special needs and serving as a student ambassador for suicide prevention programs.”

Devaanshi Kawatra is an aspiring physician with a “passion for making a difference.” According to her nomination, she “actively engages in community service and recently secured a grant to create Care Kits for Kids aimed at promoting mental health.”

Lily Kovac is a fellow co-president of SADD and was selected as a Sources of Strength Peer Leader. According to her nomination, she is “dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and wellness within her school community.”

Emma Krittman is vice president of SADD and her nomination stated her “selflessness extends beyond school as she actively assists her peers and participates in community service initiatives.”

Abigail O’Hara is also vice president of SADD and she was described in her nomination as having a “welcoming demeanor and commitment to community service,” specifically noting her work with special needs students and Girl Scouts.

Students also heard firsthand from Holocaust survivor Leo S. Ullman. Kawatra shared the impact that this experience had on her, saying “Hearing the Holocaust survivor recount his story from his childhood, I felt it was very moving because we learned about it in school and we hear stories about it, but hearing it from him first hand, seeing him go through the emotions when he was presenting, that’s a completely different experience and I feel like I learned a lot.”

Award winner Zachary shared his excitement at being selected, saying “It’s an honor to win this because all the hard work we put in to make the community better and get everyone involved, its nice to feel like someone notices it.”

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