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Babylon Restaurants Get Free Mentoring Services to Maximize Business During Phased Reopening of COVID-19 Pandemic

As part of the Babylon Is Back Program the Town of Babylon and local Restaurant Consultant, Matt Demar, have teamed up to provide restaurants, bars and other local retail shops with reopening mentoring services. These services are aimed at assisting these types of businesses to successfully navigate through the reopening process to maximize their earning potential while remaining in compliance with recommended safety guidelines.

“Bars and restaurants make a significant percentage of our local economy as they collectively employ thousands of people and get residents and visitors to patronize other businesses in the area,” said Town of Babylon Supervisor Rich Schaffer. “The economic ripple effect of bars and restaurants cannot be understated, which is why we are proud of the contributions Matt Demar has and continues to make to help this important economic sector.”

The Town of Babylon—in partnership with the Babylon IDA and the Town’s local village mayors—announced its streamlined permitting process for restaurant owners to offer outside dining to patrons. Joined by local restauranteurs, the Town announced the changes made to make the form simpler as well as the amendments made to expedite the approval process. The purpose of the partnering with Mr. Demar is to make local restaurant owners aware of the streamlined, free process so they are positioned to take advantage of indoor and outdoor dining pursuant to Phase II and III state guidelines.

The services provided through the mentoring program consist of reimagining the bar/restaurants available space to make way for operating with social distancing guidelines in place. In addition to help solidifying the physical setup of the individual bar/restaurant, Matt Demar is also providing businesses with marketing advice on how to effectively communicate with customers the steps that have been taken to ensure their safety while also enjoying a night out.

“During these devastating times, I want to be here to help restaurants and bars, and even retail, get back on their feet,” said Matt Demar, an industry leading Restaurant Consultant. “Flipping the switch from pre-COVID operations to a new normal is not as simple so we are offering assistance in developing plans for outside seating and how to best organize and structure inside seating to maximize flow. What’s good for one is good for all since we’re all in this together.

Businesses can register for Mr. Demar’s services by visiting and use the mentor sign up form.

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