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April 11th Clean-Up of Lido Beach

Hempstead Town Supervisor Don Clavin and Councilman Chris Carini are joining with the full Town Board, Atlantic Marine Conservation Society (AMSEAS) and All Our Energy to host a community beach clean-up at Lido Beach on Sunday, April 11th in anticipation of bird nesting and the upcoming beach seasons.

“Our oceanfront beaches provide fun and relaxation for residents, but unfortunately the currents can also transport trash, plastic and litter from other areas onto Town of Hempstead beaches,” said Supervisor Clavin. “This debris can create dangerous conditions for residents as well as disrupt the natural habitats of piping plovers and other bird species that nest annually along town beaches. We are proud to partner with the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, All Our Energy and our neighbors in the community to clean up Lido Beach.”

“We look forward to working with the public again to clean our beaches, while continuing to maintain social distancing and adhering to safety guidelines,” added Councilman Carini. “We encourage all beach-loving residents to sign up and give us a helping hand on April 11th.”

Residents who wish to help out must register in advance using the following Eventbrite link: The beach clean-up will begin at 9 AM. Volunteers are able to sign up for a one-hour time slot, and up to 20 people are allowed at a time. Clean-up supplies will be provided, though it is recommended you bring your own gloves. Please wear a mask and practice social distancing.

Bird species that nest on town beaches include piping plovers, American oystercatchers, black skimmers, least terns and common terns. Plovers and oystercatchers return from their migration to town beaches in March, and skimmers stay the latest, often through September or even October.

“We know people want to give back and learn more about the environment. Working together with the town to help clean our beaches is a great way they can do both,” said George Povall, Executive Director of All Our Energy. “When they see the extent of the litter and pollution that just keeps coming, everyone understands we need to work together to stop it.”

Lindsey Reisz, Education Coordinator for AMSEAS, said, “Cleaning up our marine environment is at the core of our organization’s mission to promote marine conservation through action. We enjoy hosting opportunities like this so participants can get out in their environment and make a positive impact by removing debris before the items make their way into our waterways and potentially harm marine life. This is especially important for Lido Beach because it serves as a migration and nesting site for various species of birds, such as the endangered Piping Plover.”

Concluded Supervisor Clavin, “We thank the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society and All Our Energy for their commitment to keeping Town of Hempstead beaches safe and clean.”

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