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A Close-Up Look At Life In Massapequa

Pictured: Fifth graders at Birch Lane Elementary School observed animal and plant cells through microscopes as part of a science investigation through Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Photos courtesy of the Massapequa School District

Massapequa fifth graders are taking a big look at some of the smallest components of the world with an exploration of cells. The science study at all six elementary schools is in partnership with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

A Close-Up Look At Life In Massapequa

Brittany Johnson, an educator from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory helped McKenna Elementary School fifth graders learn the different parts of a microscope.

Educators from the lab have been visiting the schools, leading students in viewings of animal and plant cells through microscopes. Specifically, the young scientists have been observing human cheek cells and onion cells.

A Close-Up Look At Life In Massapequa

Siena Tyrrell and William Martin IV got a close-up look of onion and human cheek cells at Unqua Elementary School.

Katie Fernandez, the district’s elementary supervisor of STEM, said that the purpose of these lessons is to teach students how to use microscopes. They will begin extensively using the magnification tool in science classes at Berner Middle School. Cold Spring Harbor educators talked about the different parts of a microscope, and showed students how to place a slide and use the different dials to focus and zoom.

Students recorded their observations of the animal and plant cells on worksheets, and discussed their findings with their classmates.

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