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Winthrop Avenue School Writes To Pen Pals Across The Nation

Photos courtesy Bellmore Public Schools

Winning Star Leaders at Winthrop Avenue School recently made new friends who attend schools across the nation as part of a far-reaching pen pal program.

Third graders in Dawn McCardell and Elisa Braverman’s classes prepared a letter along with a small craft around Valentine’s Day to be sent out as part of a nationwide pen pal exchange. In it, they shared information about Winthrop Avenue School, the Bellmore community and New York State. The letter was delivered to 21 schools across the United States.

Winthrop Avenue School Writes To Pen Pals Across The Nation

2) Letters received from other states were posted to a board outside Dawn McCardell’s classroom, mapping out their pen pals’ locations.

Students then eagerly waited for letters to come in from different states. They loved hearing about the similarities and differences between their schools, such as one class that gets enough snow to enjoy sleigh riding during recess. Classes pointed out each school on a map and discussed whether they are in a rural, urban or suburban area. The letters received were posted to boards outside each classroom along with strings pointing to the schools’ respective locations. This initiative was started by a teacher in Missouri, who organized this great endeavor to now include more than 1,000 teachers.

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