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Valentine’s Day Gifts Couples Enjoy Together

Valentine’s Day is a time to bring smiles to the faces of loved ones — particularly the special someone in a person’s life.

Gifts that appeal directly to spouses or significant others may be the standard, but gifts couple can use together can bring them closer together. The following are some great Valentine’s Day gifts couples can enjoy together.

• Quirky mugs: Mug sets come in all shapes and sizes and express various sentiments. Some even feature interlocking designs designed to symbolize that couples are two pieces of one puzzle. Kissing mugs, which look like lips touching when they are brought together, are perfect for couples who enjoy their morning coffee together. Look for them at

• Matching robes: Plush terry cloth robes need not be reserved for luxurious stays at premiere hotels. Coordinating robes can be monogrammed and worn on lazy days when gathering in front of a cozy fire.

• Charcuterie set: A romantic meal is the start of any Valentine’s Day celebration. Invest in a compact charcuterie board with two matching wine glasses and enjoy the set on date nights at home.

• MasterClass lesson: Purchase a MasterClass instructional ( and learn photography tricks or insider tips from established professionals together.

• Travel excursion: Jet set to an exotic locale with a planned adventure. Parents can arrange for a sitter, friend or relative to look after the children so the trip provides some one-on-one time. This trip can serve as the second honeymoon couples dream about.

• Custom cornhole set: Couples who love tailgating or opening up their homes (and yards) to guests can purchase monogrammed or custom-carved bean bag toss boards.

• Fancy coffee maker: Couples who spend more time in take-out coffee shops than they probably should can brush up on their barista skills at home. There are plenty of coffee makers on the market that can help couples whip up lattes, cappuccinos or espressos with ease.

• Wine club membership: Couples who enjoy sampling the latest vintages and flavors may enjoy a wine subscription. is just one of the delivery services available. Or couples who prefer to be a little more hands-on can experiment with winemaking kits.

• Hot tub: What can be more relaxing than soaking in a warm bath of bubbling water? A backyard hot tub turns up the heat on relaxation and time spent together.

• Tokens of love: Matching or coordinating bracelets, necklaces or even tattoos can serve as enduring symbols of a couple’s love.

Valentine’s Day gifting may be even more enjoyable when gift-giving focuses on presents couples can enjoy together.

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