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Town & PSEG Long Island Team Up To Save Protected Species In Oyster Bay

Oyster Bay Town Supervisor Joseph Saladino and members of the Town Board recently collaborated with PSEG Long Island to save the protected osprey species in Oyster Bay. After an osprey nest was destroyed by a fire on a utility pole at Theodore Roosevelt Park, PSEG Long Island and the Town took swift action to relocate the nest and build a dedicated platform.

“I’m so proud to stand with PSEG Long Island today as we save the osprey in Oyster Bay! Ospreys are a protected species and an important indicator of ecosystem health. They’ve also become beloved symbols of our area, akin to mascots for the community,” Supervisor Saladino said. “After a recent fire threatened an osprey nest, we worked with PSEG Long Island to ensure their safety and preserve their habitat. I’m happy to report that the osprey have taken well to their new home!”

A fire broke out on a utility pole at the Town of Oyster Bay’s Theodore Roosevelt Park, resulting in the loss of an Osprey nest that had been a fixture at the site for several years. The town had planned to construct a new Osprey stand at the same location. However, before construction could commence, the Ospreys had already begun building a new nest on a neighboring utility pole. Working closely with town officials and wildlife experts, PSEG Long Island had a crew remove the newly built nest from the utility pole and relocate it to the new Osprey stand constructed by the town. The osprey pair have already been sighted making themselves at home on their new platform.

“PSEG Long Island is pleased to collaborate with the Town of Oyster Bay and a local wildlife conservation group to relocate this nest to a safe platform, encouraging the osprey to nest away from the power lines and equipment,” said Dave Lyons, PSEG Long Island’s interim president and chief operating officer. “Protecting these birds from high-voltage equipment improves reliability for the customers we serve. We look forward to many more years of enjoying this osprey pair at Theodore Roosevelt Park.”

Both the Town of Oyster Bay and PSEG Long Island also thank Jim Jones of the Bayville Environmental Conservation Committee, who played a tremendous role in making this rescue possible.

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