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Tips To Make Overnight Stays Fun For Kids This Holiday Season

Travel is a common component of celebrating the holiday season. In 2022, AAA estimated that 112.7 million people would journey 50 miles or more away from home between December 23 and January 2. It stands to reason that a similar number of people will find themselves on the road, rails or in the sky this year as well.

Holiday travelers recognize there is much to coordinate to make travel comfortable and convenient during this busy time of year. The holiday season is an especially exciting time of year for children, so special attention can be afforded to youngsters who are making holiday journeys as well. Holiday hosts can employ these strategies to ensure kids have as much fun as their adult traveling companions.

Share your Wifi password. Kids spend a lot of time on their phones and tablets. Parents may police those hours during school days, but during holiday breaks there may be more free reign. Hosts can alert their guests to the Wifi router name and password so that kids will be able to jump online without missing a beat.

Plan activities for all. Children may feel left out if adults gather for drinks and chit-chat. Hosts can avoid such an outcome by organizing activities and engaging in conversations that everyone can be involved in. Game night, family movie sessions with snacks, or something similar can keep kids entertained.

Accommodate all kids. Children are bound to have more fun when other kids are around. If possible, make room for as many kids as you can. The kids can camp out in the living room or share a bedroom if space is limited. Creature comforts might be what adults are looking for, but the more kids the merrier applies to the youngsters.

Offer some comforts reminiscent of home. Young children may be out of sorts sleeping away from their familiar spaces. Hosts can plan ahead and leave out some dolls, stuffed animals, a night light, or other creature comforts in spaces where kids will be sleeping.

Relax the rules. Just as kids may have more freedom with using their devices, hosts can relax the rules of the house while guests are staying over. Let your own kids and your guests’ children stay up a little later and plan to offer a nightly dessert.

Overnight stays are part of holiday travel, and there are many ways to make staying over more enjoyable for children.

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