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The Jazz Loft To Celebrate Six Years Of Music, Education & Preservation On May 21

It started with a late-night conversation between friends back in 2014. Tom Manuel and Ray Anderson dreamed about “what if there was a place that brought together jazz musicians in an extraordinary performance setting…that was also a museum to preserve all the incredible pieces of jazz history…and was also a hub for jazz education so jazz musicianship could be passed on…? Well, you get the idea. They dreamed big and the result was The Jazz Loft, located at 275 Christian Avenue in Stony Brook.

Over the past six years, The Jazz Loft has welcomed thousands of jazz patrons, presented more than 160 music events a year; welcomed important new acquisitions from across the U.S.; and taught countless students, many of which are now in or have completed programs at some of the top music conservatories and institutions in the country.

In addition, The Jazz Loft and its team have received notable awards and recognitions for its position as an advocating institution for Jazz and have served as an ambassador for Jazz in several countries including Haiti, Liberia, Cuba, and the Virgin Islands.

“I’d like to thank all of the Jazz Loft’s patrons, donors, musicians and Board of Directors and volunteers,” said Manuel, the founder of the Jazz Loft. “We have accomplished so much over the past six years and it’s only Onward and Upward from here!”

The Jazz Loft will be marking the 6th Anniversary during intermission at the May 21 Bill Mays concert, with cake and singing.

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