The Benefits Of In Person Holiday Shopping

The 2020 holiday season was unlike any other. The COVID-19 pandemic was still affecting daily life across the globe over the final months of 2020, prompting many families and individuals to alter holiday traditions they’d embraced for decades. That included how people shop. Many people avoided in person holiday shopping in 2020. However, the successful rollout of various COVID-19 vaccines has made in person shopping safe again. That’s good news for local businesses and great news for shoppers, who may have forgotten just how much they can benefit from shopping in person.

• In person shopping is convenient. Much is made of the convenience of online shopping. And it’s undeniable that the ability to shop at all hours of the day and night is convenient. However, in person shopping, especially when shopping for others, is much more convenient than shoppers may realize. When shopping in person, shoppers can get a feel for an item, size it up and even inspect its quality prior to purchasing it. That can save shoppers from that disappointing feeling of receiving an item in the mail only to realize it’s poorly made or oddly sized and therefore unlikely to fit its eventual recipient.

• In person shopping isn’t all about shipping. Shipping speed is a significant factor for online shoppers, and that may affect just which gift they give come the holiday season. According to a Dotcom report titled “How Fast Delivery and Quality Packaging Drives Customer Loyalty,” 87 percent of shoppers surveyed indicated shipping was a key factor when deciding whether to shop with an e-commerce brand again. That’s an important consideration, as shoppers may be more inclined to buy an item from a retailer simply because of their shipping speed capabilities and not because of the quality of the item and whether or not it’s what they want to give to their loved one. Shopping in person removes shipping from the equation, ensuring gift givers will give a gift they truly want to give and not just the one that will arrive on time.

• In person shopping allows for more accessible browsing. Within minutes of entering a store and walking around, shoppers may see a handful of gifts that will ultimately be great for various people on their lists, even if they had no idea what to get prior to entering. That ability to browse is more difficult when shopping online, especially when buying from online retailers with massive inventories of a range of products. Such sites often require visitors to pick a category to streamline their searches. That’s not always easy or enjoyable for shoppers who cherish the opportunity to uncover hidden gems or more unique gifts that aren’t available all over the internet.

• In person shopping gets shoppers out of the house. Since the onset of the pandemic, people have spent more time than ever within the confines of their homes. The 2021 holiday shopping season provides a great opportunity to get out of the house and disconnect from devices. Shoppers can even do so alongside friends and family members they weren’t able to see last holiday season.

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