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Supervisor Carpenter, Assemblyman Ramos Break Ground On Ross Park Playground

Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter and Assemblyman Phil Ramos broke ground at Ross Memorial Park in Brentwood this week on a new state-of-the-art playground. The playground is part of a complete overhaul of Ross Park that is well-underway.

In recent years, the Town had received numerous complaints from residents about dangerous criminal behavior, along with an influx of reports from the MTA Police and Suffolk County Police about illegal activities at the park. In 2020, in consultation with SCPD, Town officials made the decision to close the park. Previously termed “needle park,” the site had been known for criminal activity including drug use and sales, which negatively impacted local businesses.

“Our residents deserve a safe and functional park to enjoy outdoor recreational activities with friends and family, and Ross Park simply did not allow for that,” said Islip Town Supervisor Angie Carpenter. “I have made it my mission to ensure all Town-owned facilities are safe for our residents to enjoy. Ross Memorial Park in Brentwood is no exception. We are steadfast in our commitment to reclaim the park as an asset for the community to enjoy once restorations are completed,” added the Supervisor.

The site has been prepared for the installation of a gazebo. Also slated for the park are lighting structures; high-definition surveillance cameras and a stage for the performing arts. Stamped concrete walkways and a new parking lot are already complete.

Assemblyman Ramos last year presented the Town with a capital fund grant for $655,000 to be used for the Ross Memorial Park improvement project. “The construction of a new  Ross Park is a testament to our commitment to creating a better quality of life for all our residents. By securing the needed $655,000 from the state for this project and working with my partners in the town, we will be improving the lives of our community for generations to come. The construction of a new Ross Park is another promise kept to the people of Brentwood and another proud milestone that will create a new epicenter of culture, music, and community that will revitalize our downtown.”

“Our sincerest gratitude to Assemblyman Ramos for his ongoing support and partnership with our Town. With this kind of cooperation to simply get the job done, we can continue to achieve much for the betterment of the community,” added the Supervisor.

Supervisor Carpenter, Assemblyman Ramos Break Ground On Ross Park Playground

6-8-23 Ross Park, Brentwood

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