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Students Learn Distracted Driving Dangers

Pictured: Students wore Fatal Vision goggles to simulate impairment while driving.

Photo courtesy of the Three Village Central School District

Ward Melville High School students got behind the wheel during their physical education classes for a distracted driving workshop. The Town of Brookhaven brought its interactive teen driver safety program to the school. Students drove small electric cars through an obstacle course in the gymnasium while simulating the impairment caused by drinking or texting.

They first drove through the course without any distractions. Next, they were asked to take out their phones and send a text while driving. During the last round, students wore Fatal Vision goggles to simulate a blood alcohol content ranging from .06 to .30. They also wore the goggles during a simulated field sobriety test.

Through this hands-on experience, students gained a better understanding of the dangers of getting behind the wheel while impaired or distracted.


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