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Stony Brook University Launches Digital Wellness Initiatives

In an effort to enable employees to reach their wellness goals, Stony Brook University has launched a virtual wellness program.

HealthierU, which is the university’s employee wellness program, has scheduled wellness programming that will be streaming via Facebook Live. The programs will begin on March 23 and will take place at 3 p.m. EST each day. Sessions are currently scheduled through April 10.

A team led by Stony Brook alum and integrative mental health expert, Joshua Hendrickson, PhD, LCSW, will facilitate sessions on mindfulness meditation, nutrition and stress reduction, among other topics.

“We know that employees are really rising to the occasion in this time of unprecedented crisis,” said Cathrine Duffy, director of Healthier U. “We hope the streaming programming provides some comfort and stress relief for the healthcare providers and support staff at our hospital who are working around the clock to save lives and keep us all safe. We also want to forge connections and a sense of community well-being to all staff now working remotely.”

The 30-minute sessions will have a different focus each day, including Guided Imagery Meditation, Drawing/Journal Writing, Stress Reduction and Nutrition. Some themes that will be covered will include: feeling connected during social distancing; self-care; our common humanity; worries, anxieties and fears; and finding meaning in difficult times. The sessions will be set up to be interactive; viewers are encouraged to comment and ask questions and give feedback for use in subsequent programs. The programming is scheduled to run through at least April 10 and possibly longer.

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