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Stony Brook Students Set To Return To Campus Safe And Strong

As students are set to return to campus for the Fall 2020 semester, Stony Brook University is ensuring that its campus community is coming back safe and strong.

Each resident student must complete a COVID-19 PCR test within 14 days of their move-in date, produce a negative result, and submit this negative test result on the day of move-in.

The test result, either on letterhead or an electronic copy from a medical provider/testing center, must state the student’s name, the date of the test (within 14 days of move-in), and must have a negative result. Additionally, students are urged to remain at home in self-quarantine after receiving their tests and are also asked to follow facial covering and physical distancing requirements. Students who have already had and recovered from COVID-19 will be asked to bring a medical clearance in writing from their medical practitioner that was written within 10 days of moving onto campus.

New York State has imposed a 14-day self-quarantine for any travelers coming to New York from outside the United States or from a state inside the United States that requires a New York State imposed “stay at home” period in response to increased rates of COVID-19 transmission. Our student body has been notified on a number of occasions about these requirements.

For students who qualify, Stony Brook is making available free of charge — including meal delivery — 226 quarantine-safe accommodations on its West Campus and on its Southampton campus. Qualifying students are invited to come to campus 14 days prior to the start of the semester, beginning August 10. At the conclusion of the quarantine period, students will move to their fall room assignment.

Commuter students will be required to use the University’s online health screener before coming to Stony Brook’s campus every day, which measures temperature and symptoms. Students will be asked to stay home should they begin showing symptoms.

“Our commitment to the health and safety of Stony Brook University will not stop on move-in day,” said Rick Gatteau, Vice President Of Student Affairs. “As the semester continues, we will conduct ongoing testing in addition to the testing that is required as a result should a student become symptomatic.”

Photo: Stony Brook University’s Academic Mall. Photo Credit: Stony Brook University. 

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