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St. Baldrick’s Event Honors Waverly Student

Pictured: Waverly second grader Sarah Sorensen (middle) was nominated by her teacher, Danielle Sexton (right), to be the honoree at this year’s event. Sarah is currently in remission.

Photos courtesy of the Sachem Central School District

The Waverly Elementary School community came together on March 3 for its annual St. Baldrick’s Event. Marking the first time the event was held in-person since the pandemic, Waverly was excited to have 10 shavees back on stage to support those affected by childhood cancer.

St. Baldrick’s Event Honors Waverly Student

Sachem High School East cosmetology students shaved heads during Waverly’s event.

This year’s event was dedicated to Sarah Sorensen, a Waverly second grader who has been in remission for the past five years.

St. Baldrick’s Event Honors Waverly Student

Waverly Elementary School Principal Kevin Tougher was among the shavees.

“The fact that her school today is honoring her is so overwhelming. Waverly is an elementary school that is completely supportive to all of its students,” Sarah’s mom, Michelle Sorensen, said.

St. Baldrick’s Event Honors Waverly Student

Students were excited to support the fight against childhood cancer by shaving their heads.

Six students, two parents, a teacher and Waverly Principal Kevin Tougher were among those who raised at least $50 to have their heads shaved. Sachem High School East students in the cosmetology program held the buzzers to help out at the event.

St. Baldrick’s Event Honors Waverly Student

Waverly’s St. Baldrick’s event had 10 shavees including students, faculty and parents.

This year’s event raised more than $9,000 for the St. Baldrick’s organization. Over the course of eight years that the school has been participating in the program, Waverly has raised more than $200,000.

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