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Spring Has Sprung In Sachem

Pictured: Mr. Papagni’s fifth grade class at Nokomis Elementary School were excited to see their crops begin to grow.

Photos courtesy of the Sachem Central School District

Spring has sprung in Sachem and it’s evident in many of the district’s elementary schools where classrooms have started their own Tower Gardens. Tower Gardens are aeroponic gardening systems that allow students to grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs indoors, without any dirt.

Spring Has Sprung In Sachem

Nokomis Elementary School students assembled their Tower Gardens.

Some of the Sachem elementary schools, including Nokomis and Chippewa, brought these vertical gardens into the classroom to engage students in hands-on STEM activities. Students first helped assemble the Tower Gardens and its necessary parts. They added nutrients to the water at the tower’s base, tested its pH, planted a variety of seeds and finally added the tower’s lights to help their plants grow.

Spring Has Sprung In Sachem

Students at Nokomis Elementary School added nutrients to the water at the base of the garden and tested its pH level.

Each of the Tower Gardens will produce arugula, basil, bibb lettuce, gourmet lettuce, kale and rainbow chard. Students will have the opportunity to harvest their crops in the classroom and learn the meaning behind “tower to table.” The hands-on activity cultivated learners who are excited to grow their knowledge about science and gardening.

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