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Senator Brooks Honors Freeport Business With NYS Empire Award

On Tuesday, July 13, 2021, Senator John E. Brooks (SD-8) presented the New York State Senate Empire Award to GivNGo Fuel of Freeport. Founded in 2017 by owners Dincer and Emre Ocak with a new business model that is designed to support their local community, they partnered with the PinkTie 1000 Foundation to create the first ever charitable gas station. For every 100,000 gallons of gas pumped, GivNGo donates $1,000 to local charities.

During the worst parts of the pandemic, GivNGo generously donated $10,000 to the Freeport Chamber of Commerce for the express purpose of purchasing Chrome Books for Freeport students in need.

The New York State Senate Empire Award recognizes businesses and organizations that have shown leadership in their industry, created jobs, fostered economic growth and made significant contributions to the communities where they exist and is the highest award given to businesses by the NYS Senate. Senator Brooks proudly presented this award to Emre Ocak, proprietor of GivNGo, and Rich Cave, EVP/COO of PinkTie, at the July 2021 luncheon for the Freeport Chamber of Commerce

“What businesses like GivNGo and organizations like PinkTie accomplish when they come together to work for the public good is to prove that social consciousness and private industry are not mutually exclusive concepts in practice,” said Senator Brooks. “I am very proud to be able to recognize their substantial contribution to the community that they call home and I encourage more local business entities to consider their example.”

Senator Brooks represents the 8th Senate District on the South Shore of Long Island and includes parts of Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Senator Brooks serves as Chair of the Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs and sits on the Disabilities, Education, Insurance, Libraries, Local Government, and Mental Health Committees.

PinkTie1000 is an initiative of, with the goal to compel 1,000 individuals from the real estate industry, and beyond, to commit to contributing $100 each quarter ($400/year) to various charitable causes.  By becoming a member of PinkTie1000, individuals have the opportunity to become part of a movement that collectively writes a $100,000 check four times a year to local charities in need. PinkTie1000 is all about creating a community of like minded professionals giving back to their local community and becoming part of something much bigger than themselves.

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