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Seaford Scientists Learn In Liquids Lab

Photos courtesy of the Seaford School District.

To hone their experimental skills and become more familiar with scientific equipment, seventh graders at Seaford Middle School were recently immersed in a liquid rainbows lab.

Seaford Scientists Learn In Liquids Lab

James Parisi, left, and Jimmy Hurson took turns measuring different color liquids.

The young scientists worked in pairs, measuring precise amounts of red, yellow and blue liquids. They had to observe the changes as the liquids were mixed together.

Seaford Scientists Learn In Liquids Lab

In the first step of the experiment, Lucianna Sacco, left, and Samantha Masie measured a precise amount of liquid in a graduated cylinder.

Science teacher Roseann Zeblisky said that the liquid volume lab was an introductory experiment to give students a refresher on the scientific method. It also allowed them to become familiar with the equipment they will use throughout the year, such as graduated cylinders and test tubes.

Students learned the importance of following instructions step by step and how to draw conclusions from their observations.

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