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Seaford Manor Celebrates Its Math Olympians

Pictured: Seaford Manor Elementary School recognized students who participated in the Math Olympiad team on April 5. Congratulating the students were Principal Debra Emmerich, left, Assistant Principal Rich Schwartz and adviser Candace Kaplan.

Photos courtesy of Seaford School District

After tackling some of the toughest math problems of their young lives, 20 students from Seaford Manor Elementary School’s Math Olympiad team were recognized in front of their parents on April 5. They were presented with certificates during a morning ceremony in the cafeteria, led by math specialist Candace Kaplan.

But before the accolades began, Ms. Kaplan wanted to show parents just how challenging the work was. She provided worksheets with five sample Math Olympiad questions, then asked the children and adults to work together to find the answers.

Seaford Manor Celebrates Its Math Olympians

Before the presentation of certificates, parents worked with their children to solve sample Math Olympiad questions.

The fourth and fifth graders met for 10 weeks after school, alternating between practice and contests. The word problems tackled a wide range of mathematical concepts.

“They needed a lot of prior knowledge to solve them,” Ms. Kaplan said. “The students did such a wonderful job, and their hard work speaks volumes about their dedication to and passion for learning.”

Seaford Manor Celebrates Its Math Olympians

The highest scoring students were recognized and Dax Borowski, center, was crowned Manor’s “math guru.”

Math Olympiad teams can be found in all 50 states and 35 countries. Ms. Kaplan said that Seaford Manor students are among approximately 90,000 students worldwide who participate in the competition.

She presented each student with a certificate and also gave medals to those who scored exceptionally well. Children who placed in the top 10% also got a patch. The top Math Olympian in the school was Dax Borowski, who additionally received a “math guru” pillow as a prize.

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