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Seaford Fifth Graders Have Visions Of The Future

Pictured: Seaford Manor Elementary School fifth grade teacher Lisa Perrone had students create vision boards to guide them in the future and showcased her own as an example.

Photo courtesy of the Seaford School District

While Seaford Manor Elementary School fifth graders will soon be leaving familiar surroundings, they will have some guidance as they begin a new journey. Students in Lisa Perrone’s class created vision boards on June 6.

The personalized project gives each student a place to turn for inspiration. Students created their vision boards on their laptops, which were then printed and laminated by Ms. Perrone as a keepsake.

She shared a blank vision board through PowerPoint, and students had to fill in seven fields with images they found online. The spaces included places they want to visit, books they want to read, people they want to spend time with and goals they want to accomplish. Students also added images that reflect their strengths and talents, their hopes and dreams, and sources of happiness.

Before students began, Ms. Perrone shared her own vision board as an example. Students learned that she loves to bake and one of her goals is to be the best teacher ever.

“It’s their last year in elementary school and I thought this would be something special,” Ms. Perrone said. “The vision board is a constant visual of their goals, and it will help guide them throughout their life in middle school and high school. As they get older, they will get more busy, so this serves as a focus point.”

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