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Rocky Point Students Recognize Red Nose Day

Fourth grade students in Rocky Point’s Joseph A. Edgar Intermediate School came together virtually to recognize Red Nose Day. Teachers Deborah Vieira and Lisa Celentano created a fundraising page to create awareness of the initiative – the Red Nose Day Joke-Ha-Thon – where they encouraged families to share their best jokes to spread joy and raise funds to support children living in poverty.

Rocky Point students, staff and families donated more than $300 for this worthy cause and wore red noses and red shirts at home to show their support.

“We were thinking about all the empathy and generosity that our families have shown this year in fourth grade,” Vieira said. “Our class was part of an animal adoption, raised funds for KIN, participated in food pantry assistance, donated in The Great Pajama Drive, took part in Jump Rope for Heart and the “Soup”er Bowl drive for a local church. We wanted to be sure that the students had the opportunity to continue their sincere contributions.”

The students have put into action the character education skills they’ve learned throughout the year – they read articles, watched videos and wrote letters to local officials to share their views on child poverty – proving that even in the face of this unique and challenging time, they realize that their help is beneficial to others.

Photo courtesy of the Rocky Point School District

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