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Rocky Point Middle School Troubleshooters

Pictured: From left, Rocky Point Middle School students Jason Haag, John Coburn, Marjorie Hanna and Luke Persen flanked librarian and Chrome Depot adviser Catherine O’Connell.

Photo courtesy of the Rocky Point School District

Confidence is the name of the game for Rocky Point Middle School students in the school’s Chrome Depot Club. Headed by librarian Catherine O’Connell and fashioned after Rocky Point High School’s successful club, students are exploring and learning about technology troubleshooting and repair.

On a recent visit, seventh grader Luke Persen answered a question about a blown speaker on a laptop. He offered a bird’s-eye view of a Chromebook motherboard and explained the circuit board’s job in connecting hardware to the processor, how it distributes electricity from a power supply and a simple adjustment that he could make to see if the problem would get resolved.

Luke is just one of a handful of students in the second year of the club who meet up with fellow students during lunch periods with toolkits in hand, helping other students tighten screws, replace worn keys and more.

Seventh grader Marjorie Hanna is a top technical whiz and serves as the “go to” person for fixing computer keys. Known for her knowledgeable ways, she works extremely hard and is always available to assist others. John Coburn and Jason Haag are two more students with vast knowledge of technical skills who can disassemble Chromebooks and put them back together with ease and confidence for their peers.

O’Connell who took her own Google certification via Zoom over the pandemic months, encourages the students to keep learning and perhaps become certified themselves, opening many opportunities for collaboration and careers.

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