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Riverhead’s New Comprehensive Cancer Care Center

New York Cancer & Blood Specialists (NYCBS) will open its newest cancer care center at 750 Old Country Road, Riverhead on Monday, January 20th, 2020. Located on Long Island’s east end, the center will feature the most advanced cancer treatment on Long Island.

As patients enter this modern, state-of-the-art cancer center, they will be greeted by friendly, professional staff in our luxurious lounge. The new NYCBS center encompasses numerous amenities and services to patients that provide a comfortable and attentive environment that is more conducive for healing.

Riverhead’s New Comprehensive Cancer Care Center

The most cutting-edge medical technology and equipment — including advanced PET/CT Scans and state-of-the-art radiation therapy are just some of the new features in this new facility. We will also offer clinical trials and an on-site pharmacy where patients can pick up their medication after visiting their doctor. The center will also be able to process laboratory tests and deliver faster results to our patients.

Dr. Jeffrey Vacirca, CEO of NYCBS, explains the vision behind the center. “Through 40 years of treating and actually listening to our patients, we understand their needs and what they want — top-quality treatment, and compassionate services 24 hours a day . As a comprehensive oncology center, we want our patients to have what they need when they need it, and closer to home — now we can do it, all under one roof in Riverhead.”

Riverhead’s New Comprehensive Cancer Care Center

The center will also offer a wellness program staffed by nurse educators, psychologists, and other experts ready to provide nutritional, emotional, financial, and psychological guidance for any NYCBS patient. These comprehensive support services demonstrate NYCBS’s commitment to conquering cancer.

“This is a proud moment for those dedicated to comprehensive cancer care,” Dr. Vacirca added. “We offer appointments to patients within 24 hours of their diagnosis. We’ve grown, and so has our ability to treat those in need. Tomorrow brings hope… and together… we’re conquering cancer together.”

For more information, call 631-751-3000, or our website at

Riverhead’s New Comprehensive Cancer Care Center


New York Cancer & Blood Specialists is committed to our patients. We are dedicated to providing each patient with a unique path to treatment and unmatched support. We strive to make quality, comprehensive cancer care available to each and every patient throughout New York.

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