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Readers Shoot For The Stars At Birch Lane In Masspequa

Pictured: Birch Lane Elementary School kindergartners enjoyed a magic show by Joe Romano to kickoff this year’s Pick a Reading Partner program.

Photo courtesy of the Massapequa School District

Young book lovers at Birch Lane Elementary School in the Massapequa School District hope to eclipse any prior reading records during a three-week immersion into literature. The annual Pick A Reading Partner program, in cooperation with the PTA, runs from Jan. 22 to Feb. 9.

This year’s theme is “Reading is Out of This World.” The mission is to encourage families to read together, not just during the three-week program, but year round. Students are asked to read at least 20 minutes per day and can record their reading minutes on a digital log.

To get students excited for PARP, they attended a kickoff assembly on Jan. 19 with magician Joe Romano. His space-themed show, “Take Me to Your Readers,” featured magic tricks with books about aliens, astronauts and outer space. Students enjoyed card tricks and even a disappearing moon.

Principal Stephen Aspetti reminded students that the goal of PARP is to try to read every day, and noted that it is a good bedtime activity. The PARP calendar has different theme days such as reading in pajamas, under a cozy blanket, with a funny voice or to a pet or stuffed animal. In addition to paper books, students are encouraged to read digital books, magazines and poetry. Other events include guest readers in the classroom and a book swap with friends.

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