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Port Jefferson Students Excel At Colonial Poster Project

Photo courtesy of the Port Jefferson School District

Port Jefferson Middle School students took an advanced look at history when they were tasked with a social studies research project. Students selected one of the 13 colonies to research and create a poster to showcase their research and artistic skills. They included the history, economy, society and government of their selected colony.

Teachers Phil Giannusa and Veronica Colon helped the seventh grade students research in the library with the assistance of librarian Eva Grasso. Giannusa was so impressed with the projects, he selected four of the best from each of his classes.

Olivia Andriani, Jenny Cheung, Joe Curley and Brian Hyrycz were congratulated for their exceptional projects.

“I have been doing this project for approximately 15 years, and these four students produced some of the most creative and informative works I have seen,” Giannusa said.

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