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Port Jefferson Middle School Collaborates With Stony Brook University

Photo courtesy of the Port Jefferson School District

The Port Jefferson School District collaborated with Stony Brook University’s Middle School Engineering Program for a hands-on engineering experience. Sixth and eighth grade teachers Mr. Robert Farenga, Mrs. Linda Moran and Mrs. Megan Roth-Ueno introduced their coding and technology classes to two graduate students from SBU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering to create a smart nightlight with several modes of function.

The five-week program was an intensive and interactive process in which the students learned about circuits, the engineering design process, simulations, programming and basic Python coding skills to operate a simple 3D-generated nightlight. Along the way, they learned how to make and control circuits while incorporating code to give instructions to the circuits. They also worked together through circuit and coding issues, understood what each line of code meant, the purpose of a photoresistor, open and closed circuits and the final step of programming microcontrollers on a breadboard.

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