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Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum Hosts 4th Annual Ladybug Release

Pinelawn Memorial Park and Arboretum, known for its exceptionally beautiful grounds and world-class arboreta, hosted its 4th Annual Ladybug Release for hundreds of Long Island community residents.

The three events, which took place on Saturday, August 7 and Sunday, August 8, were designed to teach Long Islanders of all ages about the great value of Ladybugs to the environment.

“One of the most beloved insects known for their beauty and as a bearer of good fortune, ladybugs are also one of nature’s greatest defenders of plant life,” said Fred Hoffmann, Pinelawn’s Grounds Supervisor.

“Pinelawn’s 500-acre property, which includes countless flowering gardens, botanicals, plants and arboreta, notably benefit from our annual Ladybug Release, which provides a much safer option to our environment than using pesticides,” continued Hoffmann.

The many families who attended the events learned how Aphids, a common pest, can cause harm to a variety of plant life. Lady Beetle’s, also known as Ladybugs, which are a natural predator to Aphids, help control their population. Quick fact: Ladybugs can eat up to 5,000 aphids in their lifetime!

The hands-on events included welcoming 60 Suffolk County Girls Scouts, ages 5 through 14, and their parents, from Northport, East Northport, South Huntington, Kings Park and Dix Hills.

“We are honored to be an educator to the community and are always looking to be good stewards to the environment,” said Kristyn Hovanec, Marketing Manager, Pinelawn.  “All of our events book up and sell out almost immediately after they’re announced.  Each is special and unique and imparts valuable information to the public while also providing quiet moments of remembrance for families.”

Pinelawn Memorial Park and Arboretum also brought the event directly to the residents of Sunrise Senior Living.  40 residents and their families were invited to take part in two sessions, with one specially designed for memory care residents.

These educational events are free of charge and open to the public.  Click here to see the full 2021 calendar of events, and to be added to the email list to learn more.

Pinelawn Memorial Park And Arboretum Hosts 4th Annual Ladybug Release

Pinelawn Memorial Park and Arboretum, located in Farmingdale, New York, is a non-sectarian cemetery prided on creating and maintaining a beautiful and serene environment where families can find tranquility and comfort.  Its open and expansive landscape features hundreds of acres of manicured grounds, unique architecture, flowing bronze fountains and flower-lined walks.  Its beautiful memorial gardens offer all who visit, scenic beauty where they can reflect upon their loved ones in peace. For more information on Pinelawn Memorial Park and Arboretum, or to schedule a tour of the property, visit or call 631-249-6100.

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