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Paws of War Desperate for Funds to Help American Soldiers Bring Harley Home

Syria is not a safe place for the American soldiers who are stationed there, but it’s even more dangerous for a dog. American troops have adopted a stray dog named Harley, raising her to be an important part of their team, and they refuse to leave her behind. Leaving her in Syria would be disastrous, so Paws of War is on a mission to help bring the dog back to the states, where she can live out her days in peace with “AJ.”

“When these guys befriend a dog in a war zone it’s often what helps them get through each day,” explains Robert Misseri, co-founder of Paws of War. “They absolutely know they can’t leave Harley behind, so we agreed to work together with them and other contacts we have in that are in a team effort to bring her back to America. But we can’t do it without the help of the public, because we need donations to pull this off.”

The troops were out on a mission when they heard a puppy crying. When they investigated, they found six puppies, but only one that was still alive. The others likely died of starvation or dehydration, and nobody knows what happened to their mother. They couldn’t leave the puppy behind, so they took her with them.

The soldiers named her Harley and cared for the dog, getting her what she needed to thrive and grow. She’s now become an important part of their day, bringing love to their life and making everyone smile. Her presence has made them all feel like they have a little bit of home with them. Now that “AJ”, who’s name cannot be released due to security reasons, will be heading back to the United States, the troop is on board with having Harley go with him. They have reached out to Paws of War to help make it happen.

“These soldiers know how dangerous it would be to leave their furry family member there in Syria,” added Misseri. “We will make every effort to bring Harley to America so she can live out her life here. The soldiers believe they saved Harley, but really she may have saved them.”

To support the effort to bring Harley back to America, make a donation at:

Paws of War rescues dogs, provides them with proper training, and then pairs them with veterans who need therapy animals, all free of charge. They also help soldiers bring their dog back to America after serving in the Middle East. Those who would like to learn more about supporting Paws of War and its mission can go online to:

About Paws of War

Paws of War is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides assistance to military members and their pets, rescues and trains dogs to be service dogs, and provides therapy dogs to veterans. To learn more about Paws of War and the programs provided or to make a donation visit its site at:

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