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Operation Deep Dive | Military Veteran Suicide Prevention Study Seeks Interviewees

An average of 17 military veterans die by suicide every day, and Long Island residents have the opportunity to help end this crisis by supporting Operation Deep Dive (OpDD), a community-based veteran suicide prevention study taking place in New York and 12 other states across the country. The four-year study is led by national nonprofit America’s Warrior Partnership and researchers from the University of Alabama with support from the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation.

The study directors will host a Facebook Live broadcast on Wednesday, June 16, at 2 p.m. EST to discuss local suicide prevention initiatives with guest speakers Beth Murphy, Senior Deputy Commissioner at Suffolk County Department of Labor, Licensing and Consumer Affairs, and Marcelle Leis, Director of Veteran Services at the Association for Mental Health and Wellness. The Facebook Live will be viewable on the America’s Warrior Partnership Facebook page both during and after the broadcast. Visit to view the broadcast.

During the Facebook Live, the research team will discuss how local residents can support the study. For example, OpDD is currently seeking participants to interview for the study. Questions will focus on how the participant’s friend or loved on interacted with the community before their death. To be eligible for an interview, participants must:

Be 18 years old or older;
Have a relative, loved one, friend or co-worker who was a veteran that died by suicide or a non-natural cause of death within the last 24 months; and
Have lived in the same community as the veteran at the time of their death.

The interview participant and veteran must have lived in the same community prior to the veteran’s death. Visit for more information and to contact the research team to participate in an interview.

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