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Northwell Launches Clinical Excellence Campaign

Northwell Health recently launched a new advertising campaign that highlights the health system’s dedicated approach to patient care and centers around what sets the health system apart as a leader in clinical excellence.

Called “The Solvers,” the commercial was directed by award-winning filmmaker Ritesh Gupta. It is part of Northwell’s “Raise Health” movement, developed by Movement Marketing firm StrawberryFrog.

The commercial features Tanya, a breast cancer survivor that was treated at Northwell. The spot showcases Tanya’s “before” and “after” journey through real-life mosaics made of colorful Rubik’s Cubes. The Rubik’s Cube, an iconic toy that has become a symbol of human ingenuity and problem-solving, was selected for the commercial as a metaphor to illustrate data and intelligence, and as an emblem of a tough problem to crack.

The spot shows Northwell experts coming together to take apart a “before” mural of Tanya when she was going through treatment. The experts remove Rubik’s Cubes from the mural, solving them as a team to place back into a beautiful “after” mural of Tanya. The viewer then sees Tanya walk into the shot for the emotional “after” mural reveal.

“Our new campaign encapsulates Northwell’s diverse health care delivery model in an engaging and distinctive way,” said Ramon Soto, Senior Vice President and Chief Communications Officer at Northwell Health. “The themes are synonymous with our brand, how we navigate complexities of a patient’s health care journey and how we think through challenges, to the diverse palette of care we offer to the most diverse communities in the United States.”

After completing her cancer treatment, Tanya shifted her career at Northwell, becoming a nurse navigator to help patients who were dealing with their own cancer diagnoses. The “after” mural of Tanya will be put on permanent display in Northwell’s R.J. Zuckerberg Cancer Center in New Hyde Park.

“This film explores the emotional power implicit in how Northwell provides an even stronger outcome,” said Scott Goodson, CEO of StrawberryFrog. “We wanted to tell the story in a unique and differentiated way in the most competitive health market in the world.”

In addition to the 30-second TV spot, Northwell’s clinical excellence campaign includes integrated content such as radio, digital display, and social media. The commercial was created by StrawberryFrog and directed by Ritesh Gupta from the production studio Merman.

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