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North Bellmore’s Park Avenue Field Day Filled With Excitement

Pictured: North Bellmore Superintendent Marie Testa, back row, second from right, and Board of Education Trustee Christopher Nardo greeted students at Park Avenue Elementary School’s field day on June 7.

Photo courtesy of the North Bellmore School District

The sun was shining and the energy was high for field day at Park Avenue Elementary School in the North Bellmore School District on June 7. Donning their blue and white T-shirts, students competed in various activities on the back field during a day that was filled with school pride.

Students in grades K-2 spent the morning outside, while grades 3-5 took the afternoon session. Activities were coordinated by physical education teacher Bill Green and based on sports and games they have played throughout the year. Chicken cacciatore was a relay-race in which students from two teams passed off a rubber chicken to each other, ran around a circle and tried to tag the opponent. In guard the castle, students had to try to sink a basketball into a heavily-protected bucket.

There were also traditional activities like the tug-of-war, and a sponge relay race that proved to be a great way to cool down.

Sixth graders, enjoying their final elementary field day, had a full-day experience. Each class spent a half-day playing the games and the other half leading the stations for their younger peers. The latter is a tradition that allows them to take on a leadership role as the oldest students in the school.

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