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No Joke, Seaford Art Educator Published For Satire Lesson

Pictured: Seaford High School art teacher Michael Kerr was published in the 2023 edition of SchoolArts Magazine for his piece on a parody and satire in cartooning lesson.

Photo courtesy of the Seaford School District

A “probably unhealthy obsession” with Garbage Pail Kids cards is Michael Kerr’s inspiration not only as an artist, but as an art teacher. The Seaford High School educator was recently published in SchoolArts Magazine for a piece he wrote on a lesson for his Comic and Cartoon Illustration class.

Every year, Mr. Kerr’s students take part in a parody and satire though cartooning project. They make their own trading cards inspired by Garbage Pail Kids. The Comic Class Kids cards spoof characters in pop culture, such as Homer Simpson and Super Mario.

Mr. Kerr’s article, which he wrote during the 2020-21 school year, breaks down the lesson for art educators. It also features six Comic Class Kids examples from current and former Seaford High School students.

The project begins with each student coming up with a character and a pun. The creations should be gross, cute and witty all at the same time. Students first draw their characters, then scan into the computer, where they are completed in Adobe Illustrator. The background colors, fonts and other elements are added digitally. When the project is completed, the cards are printed out and each student gets a class set as a memento.

“I love bringing humor and the artistic style that inspired me into my classes,” Mr. Kerr said. “Art doesn’t always have to be serious.”

In addition to his latest piece in the October 2023 edition, Mr. Kerr also was published in SchoolArts Magazine five years ago for an expressive cartoon caricatures lesson. The magazine is a national publication and his piece will be seen by art educators across the country.

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