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Newfield High School Drumming Up Holiday Vibes

The Newfield High School Drum Club showcased their exceptional talent and enthusiasm as they performed both on stage and in the lobby of the Patchogue Theatre for the Atlantic Wind Symphony Holiday Concert. Led by  Mr. Thomas Austin and Dr. Harold Goldstein, the Drum Club left the audience in awe with their captivating performances.

The Drum Club’s energetic and rhythmic beats resonated throughout the theatre, creating an electrifying atmosphere. Their synchronized movements and precise drumming techniques demonstrated the hours of practice and dedication they put into perfecting their craft.

Newfield High School Drumming Up Holiday Vibes

Newfield High School Drum Club performing at the Patchogue Theatre

In addition to their on-stage performances, the Drum Club also took charge of leading the holiday sing-along. Their infectious energy and spirited voices encouraged the audience to join in and spread the holiday cheer. The sing-along became a memorable and heartwarming experience for everyone in attendance.

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