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Navigate Memorial Day Travel

Memorial Day is a popular time to visit a friend or family member for some backyard fun. However, it’s also the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time away from home.

Many people extend the Memorial Day weekend, which comprises Saturday, Sunday and Monday, to include the Friday before. This window of time is just enough for a short and relaxing respite. Here’s a look at some popular Memorial Weekend getaways.

Miami, Florida
Miami may be on the southern tip of the state, but the weather on Memorial Day weekend isn’t as hot as one may believe. It is still comfortable at around 85 F average. There’s plenty to see and do in Miami, included top-rated beachfront hotels; miles of soft, sandy beaches; shopping; and nightlife. Families also may want to take in the Hyundai Sea & Air Show that takes place each year on Memorial Day weekend.

San Diego, California
The year-round comfortable temperatures of San Diego make this the perfect place to visit any time, including Memorial Day weekend. Individuals can visit the famed San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and museums like the U.S.S. Midway Museum.

New Orleans, Louisiana
Although New Orleans tends to be known for Creole culture, during Memorial Day Weekend the city is home to Greek Fest, with fun, music and Greek food. There’s also plenty of other attractions, including being able to tour the French Quarter without the crowds typical of Mardi Gras.

Chicago, Illinois
Pleasant temperatures make a trip to Chicago even more accommodating this time of year. Beaches in Chicago officially open on Memorial Day weekend, so visitors can soak up the sun in and around the city. Navy Pier hosts plenty of events on the Saturday before Memorial Day, which often include rides, attractions and fireworks.

Washington, D.C.
After the Cherry Blossom Festival blooms have abated, rates for accommodations around D.C. level out. The city has plenty of activities and sites for families or individuals, with many museums along the National Mall free or low cost. People can pay their respects to lost veterans at Arlington National Cemetery and visit the various war memorials around town.

Boston, Massachusetts
Boston is a city rich with American history. This dynamic New England metropolis has attractions like the Freedom Trail, the U.S.S Constitution Museum and the Boston Tea Party Museum. If visitors want to get away from the hustle of the city, nearby Salem, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard are nearby coastal areas with slower paces.

Outside the United States
Memorial Day is largely an American event, so venturing out of the country for the extended weekend may be an idea for those looking to avoid domestic crowds. Check flights well in advance to score the best deals for travel.

Memorial Day getaways can include more than local barbecues. Incorporating travel into your Memorial Day plans can make for a fun and memorable weekend.

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