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Mother-Daughter Duo Face COVID-19 Pandemic Together

When the coronavirus pandemic began, one Stony Brook University Hospital (SBUH) nurse came out of retirement to join her daughter on the frontlines.

Mary Beth Patterson retired from SBUH after 12 years back in December of 2018 and moved to New Hampshire. Less than two years later, she heeded Governor Cuomo’s call for help and returned to Stony Brook to work per-diem. Mary Beth now works in the hospital’s Cardiac Cath Lab but has been floating to various floors due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She plans on continuing to do so as long as she is needed.

Her daughter Kelly Patterson began working at SBUH as a nurse in March 2018. She started in the cardiothoracic ICU and now works in the cardiovascular ICU.

The two are very close and have actually been trying to coordinate their days off, during what can sometimes be an overwhelming time, to see each other. Not only are they extremely close but they have celebrated so many milestones together in both their personal and professional careers.

Photo Credit: Stony Brook Medicine

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