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Marine Biology Camp Takes Students To Long Island’s Shore

Pictured: Levittown’s Marine Biology Camp took students to Caumsett State Park to learn about marine life.

Photos courtesy of Levittown Public Schools

It was a week of adventure for students in Marine Biology Camp in the Levittown Public School District as their trips to Caumsett State Park introduced them to the wonders of marine life.

From Aug. 7-12, marine biology students took daily trips to Caumsett and dived into the environmental conditions of Long Island’s shores. Students braved the terrain through a salt marsh hike and saw the biology of a fish through an observed dissection. During a horseshoe crab study, they learned about the survival capabilities of the armored arthropods. Finally, a guided fishing trip taught students about safe and humane practices while fishing while they also explored the hidden life found in the shore’s sand.

Marine Biology Camp Takes Students To Long Island’s Shore

4) Groups sifted through several curiosities that lie near the shoreline.

The program is run by Nassau BOCES Outdoor and Environmental Education and welcomes students entering fifth, sixth, seventh or eighth grade.

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