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Lunar New Year In Three Village

Photos courtesy of the Three Village Central School District

Across the Three Village Central School District, students and staff celebrated Lunar New Year and the Year of the Rabbit through events, activities and schoolwide displays.

Lunar New Year In Three Village

Mr. Prinzo’s sixth grade class at Nassakeag Elementary School led a Lunar New Year parade through the halls.

Nassakeag Elementary School held a parade led by Mr. Prinzo’s sixth grade class. Students created a large dragon puppet that they carried through the halls. In Chinese culture, the dragon symbolizes good luck, strength and health. The sixth graders marched along to the beat of drums and gongs, which are traditional instruments in Chinese New Year celebrations. After the parade, classes held their own festivities where families were invited to help students make crafts. One class created rabbit puppets and wore red, a color to represent prosperity.

Lunar New Year In Three Village

Nassakeag Elementary School students created Lunar New Year themed crafts and wore red to symbolize prosperity.

Mrs. Kane’s kindergarten class at W.S. Mount Elementary School learned about Lunar New Year traditions. Students learned about the meaning of the color red and what the Year of the Rabbit symbolizes. They created a display for the school’s main hallway that reads “Gung Hey Fat Choy,” wishing everyone happiness and prosperity. Additionally, the kindergartners made smaller signs that say, “Xin Nian Kuai Le,” or “Happy New Year,” as well as paper lanterns. The class dedicated the display to Hui Jing Eggleston.

Lunar New Year In Three Village

Two Arrowhead Elementary School fifth graders read an essay about Lunar New Year traditions to the building over the announcements.

Arrowhead Elementary School students learned about Lunar New Year through the morning announcements. Two fifth graders, Olivia and Vivian, celebrate the holiday and wrote an essay about its meaning and traditions. They read their essay aloud to the entire building.

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