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Local Foundation, Big Mission

The Chloe Belle Foundation is a local non-profit organization started by the family of Chloe. Chloe was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia at the age of 25. She underwent countless treatments, but unfortunately the cancer only progressed. It eventually invaded her spine and left her paralyzed and in immense pain. Thirteen months later, Chloe passed away at home beside her family.

Chloe left a huge impact on those around her, she prioritized the happiness of others and brought joy wherever she went. The Lindberg Family started this foundation as a way to honor Chloe and continue her work here on earth. The mission of the Chloe Belle Foundation is to support children and young adults who have also been diagnosed with cancer, and offer them the same joy and light that Chloe herself was.

Remi Lindberg, President of The Chloe Belle Foundation said, “We have big goals for the foundation. I want Chloe to live on forever. She deserves that. Most importantly, I want to bring Chloe’s kindness and love to the world on a large scale.”

The Chloe Belle Foundation will begin selling merchandise starting this February to benefit the foundation. They also will be hosting their annual toy drive in the spring, and will have more information on the event soon.

They will be collaborating with Mario’s Pizzeria in East Northport on February 21, 2023. When customers order on that day and mention The Chloe Belle Foundation, their foundation will receive 20% from the pre-tax sale.

To keep up with The Chloe Belle Foundation or to donate please visit their website at or follow them on Instagram @thechloebellefoundation.

For more information, please reach out to Remi, President of The Chloe Belle Foundation at

Local Foundation, Big Mission

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