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Local Artist Brings “Happy Art” To Cohen Children’s Medical Center

It’s said that one picture is worth a thousand words, and no one agrees more than Corey Paige, CEO and founder of New York-based Corey Paige Designs. Prior to unveiling her original mural, entitled “Colorful Connection,” at Cohen Children’s Medical Center, Ms. Paige worked with a small group of patients as they expressed their innermost feelings for a favorite doctor or nurse.

Armed with a piece of paper and a variety of crayons and colored pencils, Ms. Paige asked the children to close their eyes and think of the staff member who meant the most to them.  Once they had a clear vision in their minds, Ms. Paige encouraged them to draw anything that would express their innermost feelings for their chosen person.

“I’ve always wanted to donate art to a children’s hospital,” said Ms. Paige. “It’s my hope that by creating artwork, the children will be inspired and feel hopeful – even if they are having a bad day or aren’t feeling well. Also I’m hoping that their families and the staff will also experience some happiness by looking at my art.”

Carole Fagan, a creative arts therapist at Cohen Children’s, agrees. “Creating artwork provides a space for our patients to express themselves. It’s a way for them to release their emotions at a time when they are separated from their friends and other family members.”

Josslyn Beigay, 8, and her big brother Justin Beigay, 12, are receiving treatment at Cohen Children’s at the same time. Coincidentally, they are both avid artists and immediately became immersed in their drawing.

“I want to be a nurse and an artist when I grow up,” said Josslyn. “It makes me so happy to color. It’s my favorite thing to do.”

Her brother agrees. “When I’m doing art, it gives me a chance to express my creativity. It calms me down when I’m feeling worried.”

Appropriately named “Colorful Connection,” Ms. Paige’s original mural adorns the long wall that connects Long Island Jewish Medical Center to Cohen Children’s. It is the artist’s hope that the colorful work will bring a smile to everyone who takes the time to view it.

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