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Businesses who have been deemed nonessential by Governor Cuomo have been forced to close their doors abruptly and are now left to scramble to find ways to pay their bills and keep food on the table.
As a result of Governor Cuomo’s Executive Order, effective 8:00PM last night, 100% of nonessential employees are required to stay home as New York State works to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic which has rocked the nation.
“Our small businesses are the backbone of our communities and the Governor must look to provide them realistic economic relief today so that they at least have a fighting chance to open their doors again once we move past this pandemic,” said Assemblyman Mike LiPetri.  “Don’t forget, New York has wasted millions over the years pursuing a radical agenda that favors criminals and those here illegally – perhaps, now, more than ever, it’s time to prioritize Main Street, U.S.A. and ensure that those New Yorkers who have worked hard and played by the rules aren’t forced to close their businesses for good. It’s the right thing to do.”
In his daily press conference yesterday, Governor Cuomo stated these stay-at-home orders have no end date at this time and could extend up to nine months depending on the trajectory of the virus.
“If we are going to force so many of them to abruptly close their doors, we have to do better than touting low-interest loans, late fee forgiveness, or other programs that do not provide real short-term assistance.  Let’s not sugarcoat things, they need cash today and I’m calling on the Governor to fast track immediate relief for those businesses he deemed nonessential – plain and simple,” LiPetri concluded.
Assemblyman LiPetri represents the South Shore of Long Island spanning Nassau and Suffolk County.

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