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Lindenhurst High School Students Demonstrate The Severity Of Destructive Decisions

Pictured: (Back L-R) Middle School teacher Kathy Curran, Lindenhurst Library Director Lisa Kropp, Richard Rothhaupt, Daphne Schwartz, Kimberley Zhang and Middle School Principal Frank Naccarato. (Front L-R): Maryanne Garcia, Liam Dickert, Kameryn Hubschmitt, Kyle Poznanski, Anisa Luna.

Photo courtesy of the Lindenhurst Union Free School District

The Lindenhurst High School Student Council and the Lindy Cares Club recently hosted its dramatized production “Shattered Dreams” that demonstrates the consequences of drinking and driving and promotes responsible decision-making.

The event, starring high school students Frankie Barone, Gabriella Greenfield, Christian Hutter and Gianna Rudy, included a mock accident scene in which students were seriously, and in one case, fatally injured as a result of a student’s decision to drive home while intoxicated after a party. The junior and senior classes looked on as various community entities, including local fire and police, responded to the mock scene behind the high school. They watched as police officers tested and “arrested” their classmate whose decision to drive impacted the lives of so many others.

As a culmination to the program, motivational speaker Juan Bendana spoke with students and shared ways to maximize their potential and increase their leadership abilities. He explored with students the power of each decision they make. He also encouraged them to recognize all of the ways in which they matter

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