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Lights, Camera, Action At Fairfield In Massapequa

Pictured: The show is recorded in front of a green screen so the background can be changed for each segment. 

Photos courtesy of the Massapequa School District

Tasked with giving their peers daily information, fifth graders take their responsibility seriously but also make sure to keep it lighthearted at Fairfield Elementary School in the Massapequa School District.

Each morning, members of the Broadcast Club head to a small office within the library to record the daily announcements. Each show is only a couple of minutes and begins with the Pledge of Allegiance. Other information includes school announcements, the lunch menu, a sports report, weather and birthdays.

After writing the script and doing one practice take, it’s time to record. One student operates the camera, which is an iPad on a tripod. Because the on-air students sit in front of a green screen, the background can be changed for each segment.

Lights, Camera, Action At Fairfield In Massapequa

Every day, students from the Fairfield Elementary School Broadcast Club put together a morning announcements show.

“I like getting to show Fairfield what we can do,” Julianna Carbone said. “We get to give information to the school.”

Added Andrew DeNicola, “I like being with my friends on camera and telling students what they need to know.”

The popularity of the Broadcast Club means students take turns, so interested fifth graders get to participate in productions a few times per month. As the year has progressed, students say they are becoming more comfortable and confident on camera. Andrew said he always remembers to smile, sit up straight and avoid talking too fast. Alyssa Hoffman added that it’s important to mix in humor to make the show entertaining for their audience. Props include a bell and clappers for celebratory announcements.

The Broadcast Club is advised by Shannon Culkin and Riley Paskett.

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