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Levittown’s Own Elaina Braverman Modeled In New York’s Fashion Week

18 year old Elaina Braverman of Levittown, N.Y. modeled this month in New York Fashion Week in Manhattan for designers Triple Stitch Diva and Marie Belle Couture.  Elaina has been modeling in fashion week for the past three years and has been acting since she was 14. This past September Elaina also walked the runway in New York City for couture designer Janay Deann Designs. 
Elaina’s acting credits include a featured role in the upcoming independent movie “Damaged Disciples,”  and can be seen in the films “Boogie” and “Finding Ohana.”  Elaina also recently appeared in an episode of “Law & Order SVU” playing a fit model and can be seen in an episode of CBS’s “FBI.”  Elaina also had a principal acting and modeling role in a new anti bullying music video: “Treat Me Right” and a principal role in a commercial for Vera Moore Cosmetics.  Elaina is an influencer for the national beauty brand.
Photos by Mr Don Photography

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