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Levittown Welcomes NYSUT President For Schools Showcase

Photo courtesy of the Levittown School District

The Levittown School District showcased its academic programs, extracurricular offerings and creative learning spaces during a visit from New York State United Teachers President Melinda Person on Oct. 17.

During her two-hour tour of the district, Ms. Person traveled to Division Avenue High School, Wisdom Lane Middle School and the Levittown Memorial Education Center. She was accompanied by Superintendent Todd Winch, Levittown United Teachers President John Caulfield and several faculty members.

Levittown Welcomes NYSUT President For Schools Showcase

NYSUT President Ms. Person met with students from Wisdom Lane Middle School’s Esports Club in its dedicated gaming space.

At Division, Ms. Person visited English, photography and science classes, and watched a simulated court case in the trial law class. She also got to tour the spin room and the Dragon’s Den student wellness center.

Wisdom Lane showcased its Esports Club, a popular afterschool activity now in its second year. The club grew from 18 to 66 students and has a dedicated gaming space. Mr. Winch explained that the goal is to add a club at Salk Middle School, then expand the program to have Esports teams at both high schools.

Levittown Welcomes NYSUT President For Schools Showcase

The Dr. Tonie McDonald Outdoor Learning Center at the Levittown Memorial Education Center was one of the stops for Ms. Person to see the district’s unique learning spaces.

Ms. Person got to see the Dr. Tonie McDonald Outdoor Education Center in Levittown Memorial’s courtyard, which includes a greenhouse and pond. She learned how the space, dedicated to Dr. McDonald this year, is used for hands-on science exploration by the district’s elementary students. At Levittown Memorial, she also observed a meeting of the School Climate Committee.

“We wanted to give her a global view of what goes on in our schools,” Mr. Winch said. “We showed her a typical day in Levittown.”

Mr. Winch added that the district was pleased to showcase the positive work that can be done to benefit students when there is strong working relationship among the Board of Education, district administration and the teachers union.

Levittown Welcomes NYSUT President For Schools Showcase

Superintendent Todd Winch, right, and Wisdom Lane Principal John Avena welcomed Ms. Person to the school.

Mr. Caulfield, a guidance counselor at Salk, said Ms. Person reached out to the LUT to visit Levittown schools during a trip to Long Island. He welcomed the opportunity to highlight some of the district’s unique learning environments like the Esports room and the Outdoor Education Center.

“We’re very honored to have Melinda Person and her team come down to see all of the wonderful things that happen in Levittown,” he said.

Ms. Person became president of NYSUT in April, a union that represents nearly 700,000 people who work in or are retired from schools, college and healthcare facilities.

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