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Leading Wealth Manager Charles Massimo Is Stepping Away From Autism Communities

Charles (Charlie) Massimo, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Wealth Enhancement (Deer Park, NY), one of the nation’s leading wealth managers, announced that he will be ending his direct involvement in Autism Communities, the 501(c) (3) non-profit organization he founded six years ago. He cited increasing professional and personal demands, along with the belief that his advocacy could be better directed through other channels at this time. Massimo was quick to state that the organization, and what it has already achieved in advancing a mission to provide housing solutions for adults with autism in independent, safe, and inclusive environments, will remain one of his most valued achievements.

“I am extremely proud of what we at Autism Communities have been able to achieve to date especially given the enormous governmental, economic and most recently, unprecedented disruptions to our normal lives,” said Massimo. “The fact that our organization has been able to place several young adults in their own apartments, living independently and with all the essential supports in place, is extremely gratifying. Seeing the joy in these young adults with autism as they embark in this new phase of life and the relief in their parents’ faces will always remain with me.”

Massimo is the father of triplets; one daughter and two sons, both of whom have autism. He understands fully the concerns parents of children on the spectrum face from the moment their child is diagnosed. He also has shared their worry as to what will happen to their child when they (their parents) are no longer able to care for them. Autism Communities’ goal was to address that concern by creating the optimum housing opportunities for adults with autism.

Under his leadership, Autism Communities helped generate broader awareness of the challenges individuals with autism faced relating to housing as they transition into adulthood. Like most young adults, they too want their own space and personal freedom to grow. For many, however, the lack of housing opportunities has made achieving this goal extremely difficult. Massimo pursued relationships with area developers to open up new housing opportunities, which has led to its first placements over the past two years. In addition to providing new housing options, Autism Communities also is providing social, recreational, and educational programs for both individuals with autism and their families through its Club AC.

Going forward, Massimo will continue to leverage his network to open up more housing opportunities for individuals with autism. Additionally, as a member of the New York State Autism Spectrum Disorders Advisory Board, to which he was appointed in 2017 by former Governor Cuomo, Massimo will remain  actively involved in its core initiatives including  providing guidance and information to New York policymakers, as well as individuals with autism and their families. Among its current goals are to review current supports and services to those with autism disorders, identify legislative actions to improve these supports to all including those within minority groups, and facilitate improved interagency service coordination.

Massimo is widely-recognized as one of the nation’s leading wealth managers. After serving at Shearson Lehman, New York Life, Merrill Lynch and finally as a Senior Investment Officer with Smith Barney, he made the decision to leave Wall Street and founded CJM Wealth Management in 2003. He grew the firm to become a top wealth management advisory ranking on prestigious lists including RIA Channel’s list of Top Emerging Wealth Managers, America’s Select Financial Advisors, Reuter’s Top Advisors, Worth Magazine’s Top Wealth Advisors and the National Association of Board Certified Advisor Practices’ Long Island Premier Advisor. Massimo has continued to garner recognition for his performance as a wealth advisor and is frequently tapped by both national broadcast and print media to serve as an expert source on a wide range of financial topics. Upon its release in 2015, his book, Getting Off The Street – Sane Investment Advice from One of The Nations’ Leading Wealth Managers, attained top download honors on Amazon in 19 categories and four countries with over 23,000 downloads over one weekend in March. In 2020, CJM Wealth  Management joined with the Wealth Enhancement Group. From his offices in Deer Park, (Long Island) NY, Massimo continues to focus on a client group that is comprised of affluent physicians, business owners, and families impacted by autism.

For more information about Autism Communities, visit: To learn more about Charles Massimo and his wealth management practices, visit: or call: 631.777.1030.


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