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Jump Into Adventurous Resolution Ideas

Individuals looking for a little more excitement and adventure in their lives can think about making New Year’s resolutions that align with their adventurous goals. These adventurous ideas can serve as inspiration for anyone who wants to be a little more daring with this year’s resolutions.

Try a new outdoor activity
The great outdoors consistently beckons. Answer the call by engaging in a new outdoor activity. Any activity can be adventurous if it’s new to you. Start off small and get more into it as your skills improve. Consider kayaking, surfing, mountain biking, rock climbing, or anything else that presents a thrill.

Get creative in the kitchen
Being adventurous can extend to any aspect of life, including dining. Expand your culinary horizons by trying new flavor profiles and recipes inspired by global cuisine. This may include ingredients you deem to be “exotic” but are customary in other parts of the world.

Sleep outdoors
Adventures do not have to be large and time-consuming. In fact, the term “microadventure” was dubbed by Alastair Humphreys, an adventurer and speaker, as a way to squeeze more gutsy activity into anyone’s schedule. One way to do so is to resolve to sleep outdoors in a new place once a month. Shaking off the creature comforts of home enables you to adapt and embrace new experiences.

Aim to be more sustainable
Active lifestyles often involve exploring natural landscapes. These areas can be affected by trash, which also can impact wildlife in negative ways. Resolve to keep parks, trails, rivers, lakes, forests, and other outdoor areas clean and beautiful. Various organizations spearhead these types of efforts, but you can work independently as well. Always practice a “carry in, carry out” policy when hiking or enjoying nature.

Individuals can ponder the many ways to embrace more adventurous resolutions in the year ahead.

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