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Islip School District Honors Board Members For Their Dedication

Photos courtesy of Islip School District

The Islip School District celebrated School Board Recognition Week at the board of education’s Oct. 25 meeting, honoring the board members for their dedication to Islip’s students and school community.

Director of Fine and Performing Arts Michael Hershkowitz worked with the district’s art teachers to create letter templates for each Islip student to mark or sign in some way as a representation of their gratitude to the board members for their service. Commack Road Elementary School, Maud S. Sherwood Elementary School and Wing Elementary School each “signed” one letter, while Islip High School and Islip Middle School both signed two. In total, the eight letters spelling out “thank you” contained the mark or signature of nearly every student and administrator in the district. After the signatures were gathered, the letters were placed in frames and presented to the board trustees by students representing the building responsible for each.

“These students and their classmates are the reasons we volunteer,” board trustee Matthew Clareen said. “It was really exciting,” added board President Philip Dineen. “It really reinforces as a board collectively as a team, the common denominator is that we always want to see students succeed.”



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