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Islander’s Sparky Visits Summit Lane School

Pictured: The New York Islanders mascot Sparky visited Summit Lane school on Dec. 12 and offered free tickets through a raffle.

Photos courtesy of Levittown Public Schools

It was an exciting day for the Summit Lane Elementary School community in the Levittown School District as Sparky, mascot for the New York Islanders, made a visit on Dec. 12.

Islander’s Sparky Visits Summit Lane School

3) Students were highly engaged as they participated in the presentation.

Each grade gathered in the gymnasium, many wearing the Islanders’ iconic colors of blue, orange and white. The anticipation built until Sparky made his appearance, and students could hardly contain their excitement. Sparky and other Islanders representatives reviewed important health and safety tips with students, such as eating healthy and maintaining an active lifestyle. Exemplifying teamwork, a student competed against a teacher to see who could put on hockey gear the fastest – the student won thanks to a few helping hands. The Islanders also gave out free tickets in a raffle. Although Sparky could not stay the whole day, students were ecstatic for the opportunity to meet him in person.

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