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Humanitarians at Northport High School Travel to Kenya

On Feb. 14, Northport High School’s humanitarian club – “Students for 60,000” (SF60K) – departed for Mtito Andei, Kenya to begin constructing a new school for the students of the Ivani school district.

In recent months, the district’s former school had succumbed to the elements and was further destroyed by animals, forcing the students to attend classes outside or in severely damaged structures.

Northport High School students embarked on this maiden voyage to a new continent with “great courage, faith and resolve,” according to Assistant Principal Terrence Hinson. He added that the club’s members understood the inevitable obstacles and challenges of such an ambitious endeavor, but remained committed to the task at hand, understanding the needs and daily struggles of the community’s children and parents.

Many lessons were learned during the course of the students’ week-long endeavor; however, one that was reinforced regularly was the necessity for education. The student volunteers were told repeatedly that, with access to education, Kenya’s children would be more likely to succeed in breaking the cycle of poverty. Constructing a school is crucial step towards realizing that hope, but SF60K understands that it is the relationships built along the way, more than the structures themselves, that will cultivate lasting change.

The Northport students are dedicated to building positive relationships within the Kenya community and plan to return to Mtito Andei many times to see the project to completion. The club is planning to host a public forum in April, to teach Northport community members about their mission and encourage others to get involved.

Photo caption: Northport High School students recently traveled to Kenya to begin constructing a new school for students of the Ivani school district.

 Photo courtesy of Northport-East Northport Union Free School District

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